lundi 29 novembre 2010

Wikileaks : remarquable lucidité israélienne quant à la débilité sarkozyste ?

In the meantime, Bereyziat said, the Israelis explained that
they will not take strong public positions condemning what
they perceive as Turkey's recent strategic shift away from
western positions on the peace process, Iran, and Israel's
nuclear program. 
Erdogan's public comments about Israel's
nuclear weapons had particularly irked the Israelis,
Bereyziat explained, describing them as unprecedented by a
Turkish leader.  Moreover, the Israelis blamed the Europeans,
and especially France, for this shift in Turkey's policy.
They said that if Europe had more warmly embraced Turkey,
then the Turks would not be taking steps to earn approval in
the Arab and Muslim world at the expense of Israel.
French, in response to this accusation, "begged to differ,"
Bereyziat said.
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